2017 Sterngold Grant - Apply by 4/1/17

Sterngold Dental is located in Attleboro, Massachusetts and is the leading source for restorative dentistry and is a global leader in alloys, attachments, implants, and restorative systems. Sterngold has kindly pledged $10,000 to the Foundation in both cash and product donations over a period of time to help support the future of dental laboratory technology. With this donation, Sterngold and the Foundation have partnered to bring you the 2017 Sterngold Grant.

Grant Overview
The 2017 Sterngold Grant will award one (1) school $1,250 in product donation. Products available through this grant include:

QuickLineTM Long-Term Soft Relining Material
SternTek® Duplicating Material
SternTek® Custom Tray Material (blue or rose)
SternTek® Base Plate Material (pink)
InstaGums® Gingival Reproduction Material

Additional information about Sterngold Dental and their products can be found here.

In order to be eligible for this grant, the applicant must be an NADL Member Educational Institution. Grant applications must be received by April 1, 2017 and funds must be used by December 31, 2017. No extensions will be given.

Download Application Here

Application deadline: April 1, 2017

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