Keystone Grant Program


The Keystone Grant Program was developed by the Foundation for Dental Laboratory Technology to support accredited educational institutions with a dental laboratory technology program or those accredited educational institutions who wish to add a dental laboratory technology program.

Contribution Guidelines

In considering contributions, the Foundation evaluates each application on its own merits. It considers the programs in which the organization is engaged, the constituencies it serves, the services it offers, its accountability and fundraising practices and the level of local community support it attracts.

Although exceptions may be made, in general, the Foundation does not provide grants for building construction or to cover an organization’s normal overhead expenses.

Grant recipients may re-apply in future years, as long as a report detailing use/impact of the grant monies is provided with the application.

Programs/Projects Considered

The Foundation provides support to programs or projects that help develop and heighten dental laboratory technology awareness among the dental community and that offer dental laboratory technology education. Careful consideration is given to each request. Each request is reviewed in terms of its general eligibility and conformity with Foundation guidelines, the available funds, the amount needed to achieve the desired results and program priority.


Grants will not be awarded for the following:
  • Capital campaigns, overhead/administrative expenses, endowments, advertising or fundraising activities
  • Organizations that discriminate by race, religion, color, creed, gender, age or national origin
  • Political organizations or campaigns
  • Loans
  • Projects developed for commercial and proprietary purposes
Applications are due each year on October 1st. Applicants are notified mid-November.


Download Application Here


2016 Awardees

  • Los Angeles City College
  • LSU Health Sciences Center Foundation

The Keystone Grant was created in 2011 and since then has provided over $100,000 of support to schools. Click here to download the full press release.

Initiating a request

To initiate a request for a contribution from the Foundation, please complete the Foundation for Dental Laboratory Technology Program Contribution Request Application.

Grant Application Deadline

Applications are due each year on October 1st. Applicants are notified mid-November.

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