Every day we have an opportunity to restore a smile and to help someone through the work that we do. We share a pride in our profession and invite you to join us and others in determining the future of our profession.

In 2008, The Foundation for Dental Laboratory Technology (FDLT) was created to advocate and raise awareness of the necessity of dental laboratory technology education for dental technicians and other affected members of the dental team.

The National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL) generously contributed an initial $200,000 to The Foundation, but now we need your support, as partners in the industry to ensure that The Foundation’s goals become a reality. Our goal is to raise an additional $200,000 annually in order to provide scholarships and fund ongoing educational programs.

You are not just supporting education. You’re ensuring the future of your profession.

What will the future of dental laboratory technology look like? You decide.

These individuals and organizations have committed to the betterment of the future of dental laboratory technology. We can not thank them enough for their generous contributions and for taking the first step toward securing the future of the profession.

We need your help.

Make an investment in the future of your profession by contributing to The Foundation. As a contributor, you will be recognized by having your name listed on the NADL website and on our Foundation website wall of donors, but more importantly, you will carry the knowledge that you made an investment that will positively impact the future of your profession.

To contribute, you can download the Foundation Donor Form and submit it to our office via email, mail, or fax; or donate online instantly by clicking the button below.

FDLT Donate

$100K in Support and Above

$50K in Support and Above


$20K in Support and Above

Utah Dental Laboratory Association


$10K in Support and Above

  • Absolute Dental Services
  • Apex Dental Laboratory Group
  • Artistic Dental Laboratories, Inc., CDL, DAMAS
  • Bismarck/Mandan Dental Lab /li>
  • Charles McClemens, CDT, TE
  • CMR Dental Lab (In Kind)
  • Florida Dental Laboratory Association
  • Friendship Dental Laboratory, Inc., CDL
  • Glidewell Laboratories, CDL
  • Helm Dental Laboratory
  • Nakanishi Dental Laboratory, Inc., CDL, DAMAS
  • Protea Dental Studio, Inc.
  • Restorative Arts Dental Lab, CDL
  • Spectrum Killian Dental Lab Alliance, CDL
  • Sterngold Dental, LLC (pledged $20,000)
  • TCS, Inc. (In Kind)
  • United Dental Labs, Inc., CDL

$5K in Support and Above

  • Aidite (Qinhuangdao) Technology Co., Ltd
  • alliantgroup
  • Castable Ceramics
  • Concord Dental Laboratory, Inc., CDL
  • Dana Cohen, CDT (In Kind)
  • Dandy
  • Denise Burris, CDT
  • Dimension Dental Design
  • GC America, Inc.
  • Keating Dental Lab, CDL
  • Keystone Industries
  • Majestic Dental Arts, Inc., CDL
  • NDX Thayer, CDL
  • Partners in Association Management, Inc.
  • Pan-Am Dental Laboratory (pledged $20,000)
  • Phillip Gold, CDT
  • Puche Dental Lab
  • SafeLink Consulting, Inc.
  • Sherer Dental Lab, CDL
  • Warren Rogers

$1K in Support and Above

  • Alien Milling Technologies (In Kind)
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (In Kind)
  • American Dental Supply, Inc.
  • AMG Creative, Inc.
  • Anthony Circelli
  • Arrowhead Dental Laboratory
  • Artifex, Inc.
  • B & D Dental Technologies
  • Barksdale Dental Lab
  • Bennett Napier, CAE
  • Binh Nguyen, CDT
  • Blackburn Dental Lab, Inc.
  • Burt and Associates
  • Caruso Dental Laboratory, Inc.
  • Connecticut Dental Laboratory Association, Inc.
  • Cosmetic Dental Lab
  • Creodent
  • David Avery, CDT, TE
  • Dedeco
  • DeLux Dental Laboratory, CDL
  • Dental Arts Laboratories, Inc., DAMAS
  • Dickerman Dental Prosthetics, CDL
  • Distinctive Dental Studio, CDL
  • Digital Dental
  • DLT Training & Education, LLC
  • Donald Peake, Jr., CDT
  • ETI Digital Technology
  • Express Dental Laboratory, CDL
  • Evident
  • Express Dental Laboratory
  • Glen Douglas Studio, CDL
  • Greater Cincinnati Dental Lab
  • Handler Manufacturing, LLC
  • Harmeet Bindra
  • Harold Burdette, Jr., CDT
  • Hermitage Dental Lab, CDL
  • Image Dental Arts
  • Image Gallery, CDL
  • Inman Orthodontic Laboratories, CDL
  • JB Godley Jr., DDS
  • Jen Ludwig, CDT
  • Kay Hayden
  • Kristen Brown
  • Ladies of the Mill
  • Laurance Powell
  • Legacy Dental Arts, CDL
  • Leixir Group
  • Leonard Marotta, CDT
  • Lifelike Dental Studio
  • Mayclin Dental Studio, Inc., CDL
  • Midwest Dental Laboratory Association
  • Nacera
  • NDX Albensi
  • Nick Azzara
  • Norman Weinstock
  • Peterson Dental Laboratory, Inc., CDL, DAMAS
  • Pizzi Dental Studio
  • Ragle Dental Laboratory, Inc., CDL
  • R-Dent Dental Laboratory, Inc.
  • Renata Budny, CDT, TE
  • Renstrom Dental Studio, Inc., CDL
  • Robert “Bob” Savage
  • Robert Kreyer, CDT
  • Robert Warner
  • Roland DGA
  • Ruben Arebalo
  • Sasha Der Avanessian
  • She Designs Dental Studio, Inc
  • Shofu Dental Corporation
  • Silcox Dental Supply
  • Somer Dental Laboratories, CDL
  • SS White Dental (pledged $20,000)
  • Stratasys
  • Technic Dental Lab
  • The Incisal Edge (pledged $5,000)
  • Thompson Suburban Dental Lab
  • Tom Ivey, CDT
  • Tom Leonardi
  • Tom Love
  • Touchstone Dental Lab
  • Travis Zick
  • Treasure Dental Laboratory, CDL
  • True Function Laboratory, Inc.
  • Utah Valley Dental Lab, Inc., CDL
  • Voices From The Bench
  • Vulcan Custom Dental
  • Weiss Advisors
  • Young Dental Laboratory, Inc., CDL

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