CDT Pillar Scholarship


Founded in 2004 by the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL), the CDT Pillar Scholarship is designed to allow qualified dental technicians the opportunity to sit for the three examinations that comprise the Certified Dental Technician (CDT) examination process.

The CDT Pillar Scholarship covers the application and testing fees for a candidate to take the written comprehensive examination, the written specialty examination and the hands-on practical examination, one time each. The scholarship amount awarded is up to $1,200 per recipient. Scholarship recipients must take all three examinations within 12 months after being awarded the scholarship.

Who is Eligible?

  • Have a working knowledge of the English language.
  • Have graduated high school or have obtained an equivalent.
  • Are of satisfactory legal and ethical standing in the dental laboratory and dental community.

Applicants may qualify for the scholarship by meeting any one of the following education and experience requirements:

  • Recognized Graduates (RG) of a 2-year ADA accredited dental technology program may apply for the CDT examinations upon graduation and successful completion of the RG exam.
  • Recognized Graduates (RG) of non-ADA accredited dental technology programs may apply for the CDT examinations addition to, and not concurrent with, their two years of formal education.
  • Graduates of ADA-accredited dental technology education programs (non-RGs) may apply for the NBC’s CDT examinations after completion of two years of practical experience in addition to their education.
  • Technicians trained and educated in other settings may apply for the CDT examinations upon completion of at least five years of practical experience in dental technology (at least 35 hours per week).
  • Technicians who are able to provide sufficient documentation of continuing education (CE) and experience in accordance with NBC policy may apply for the CDT examinations.
  • Any technician who is currently a Certified Dental Technician may apply for the scholarship in order to achieve an additional certification.

Program Funding

The CDT Pillar Scholarship is comprised solely of funds that have been donated by individuals and businesses in the dental laboratory technology profession who wish to contribute to the betterment of upcoming CDTs, who represent the future of their profession.

Get involved! Become an individual or organizational supporter of the program by making a donation to the CDT Pillar Scholarship fund today. The number of scholarships awarded each year is dependent upon the funds that are contributed annually.

Applications are due each year on March 15 for the spring award date, and September 15 for the fall award date.


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    Spring 2024 Awardees

  • Akiela Joseph – Coconut Creek, FL
  • Amber Mckenney – Jacksonville, FL
  • Andrea McCall – Rapid City, SD
  • Carissa Stewart – Huber Heights, OH
  • Charles Luchka – Cleveland, TN
  • Clair Fahim – Staten Island, NY
  • Cybele Weilbacher, CDT – Dunedin, FL
  • Dominic Pozzie – Bolingbrook, IL
  • Douglas Salazar – South Jordan, UT
  • Duane Miller-Suchey – Oneonta, AL
  • Erika Ramirez, CDT – New York NY
  • Hyunwoo Oh – Chantilly, VA
  • Jaime Molinares – Clermont, FL
  • Jairo Camachomejia – Katy, TX
  • James Hardy – Louisville, KY
  • Jesse Daniels – Wellington, FL
  • Joaquin Mendez – Youngstown, OH
  • Kevin Bortman – Las Vegas, NV
  • Kimberly Conklin – Scottsdale, AZ
  • Kimvan Nguyen – New Orleans, LA
  • Man Kwok Zhu, CDT – Iowa City, IA
  • Manuel Aguilar – San Antonio, TX
  • Miguel Almeida – Miami, FL
  • Nancy Coles – Beaumont, CA
  • Nesma Elazzab – Bradenton, FL
  • Nick Alonge – Granada Hills, CA
  • Preston Fountain – Cedar Park, TX
  • Qamar Sohail, CDT – Brooklyn, NY
  • Ramachandan Aththiyappan, CDT – India
  • Rebecca Fernandez, CDT – Parrish, FL
  • Rebecca Roberts – Spring, TX
  • Richard Kammeraad – Rockwall, TX
  • Saleh Almaz – Egypt
  • Tenia Dansby – Houston, TX
  • Tom Rostron, CDT – San Diego, CA
  • Whitney Courtney, CDT – Melbourne, FL
  • Yutzel Casiano – Richmond, TX

    Fall 2023 Awardees

  • Agumenaitwe Ambrose – Kampala, AZ
  • Amy LaValla – Thornton, CO
  • Barbara Simmons – Bonsall, CA
  • Bart Martinson – Paradise, CA
  • ChauTam Nguyen, CDT – Seattle, WA
  • Da Young Kim – Phoenix, AZ
  • Dale Wester, CDT – Republic, MO
  • Dawn Lumpkins – Callaway, MD
  • Gina Won – Phoenix, AZ
  • Heather McMeans – Morganton, NC
  • Janae Avery – Chester, PA
  • Jonathan Thomas – Glens Falls, NY
  • Julia Hernandez – Brandon, UK
  • Julia Valentino – Mount Prospect, IL
  • Karen Vidaurri – Kenner, LA
  • Krysta Lovelace – Fletcher, NC
  • Muhammad Farooq – Lahore, MI
  • Oluwakayode Odusanya – Romford, UK
  • Paul Alabi – Lagos, Nigeria
  • Ricardo Fontanez – Virginia Beach, VA
  • Robert Berry – North Charleston, SC
  • Ronald Rubis – Silang, Cavite, Philippines
  • Russel Alzona – Glendale, CA
  • Simone Tate, RG – Houston, TX

  • Grant Application Deadline

    Applications are due each year on March 15 for the spring award date, and September 15 for the fall award date.

    Application Criteria

    Completed application must include:
    • Completed CDT Pillar Scholarship application form
    • Completed and attached Letter of Interest
    • Signed Application Affidavit
    • Submitted before deadline of March 15th for spring award date or September 15th for fall award date

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