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About the Foundation for Dental Laboratory Technology

Race For The Future 6.0

Marithe Baclagon, RG - 2019 Spring CDT Pillar Scholarship Recipient

Jee Kim, CDT - 2019 SPEAR Education Grant Recipient

Durham Technical Community College - 2018 Keystone Grant Recipient

Sara Safi - 2019 CDT Pillar Scholarship Recipient

Thomas Brumet, CDT - 2019 Kois Center Education Grant Recipient

Indiana University Fort Wayne - 2019 Sterngold Grant Recipient

Brian Campbell, CDT - 2019 Dawson Academy Education Grant Recipient

Debra Costantino, CDT - 2017 Dawson Academy Education Grant Recipient

Erin Borosky, CDT - 2017 Fall CDT Pillar Scholarship Recipient

Race for the Future 3.0

Tobie Dunlap - 2018 Spring CDT Pillar Scholarship Recipient

Ella Pavlyuk, CDT - 2015 CDT Pillar Scholarship Recipient

Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne – 2015 Keystone Grant Recipient

Laura Sheppard, CDT, TE - 2015 Fulcrum Grant Recipient

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